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Garment Care

All our garments are chosen with great care to provide excellent performance in the challenging environment of school. We hope this guide to the care symbols, which are reproduced in every garment we supply, will help you get the very best performance from your purchase.

As general good practice, please choose the appropriate washing powder and always wash coloureds and whites separately. We do not generally recommend the use of fabric softeners.

Sweatshirts, fleeces and knitwear will benefit from being washed inside out.

Ironing Symbols

Do not iron
Cool iron (110 C)
Warm iron (150 C)
Hot iron (200 C)

Dry Cleaning Symbols

The circle is the symbol for dry cleaning.
The letter indicates that your garment is suitable to dry clean in any solvent.
This indidcates you can dry clean your garment. The P represents Perchlorethylene solvent.
Do not dry clean.

Bleaching Symbols

The symbol shows you can use chlorine bleach on your clothes.
Only oxygen/non-chlorine bleach allowed.
or Do not bleach.

Washing Symbols

The washtub is the washing symbol.
The number in the washtub shows it can be washed at a maximum temperature of 40 C
A washtub with one bar indicates your clothes are suitable for a synthetic wash. Your washing machine will wash with a medium program.
A washtub with two bars indicates your clothes need to be washed as wool. Your washing machine will wash with a delicate program.
A washtub with a hand indicates hand wash only. Your clothes are too delicate to machine wash, remember to make sure the water temperature is cool.
This symbol shows that the item is not suitable to wash.

Drying Symbols

The circle within a box symbol represents tumble-drying
This symbol indicates you can tumble dry at a low heat setting.
This symbol indicates you can tumble dry at a high heat setting.
This symbol indicates you cannot tumble dry the item.
Drip-drying is recommended.
Hang /line dry after removing excess water.
Lay flat to dry.
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