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With grateful thanks to those who have made these entirely unsolicited comments, here are some words which begin to convey our commitment to our customers - wherever in the world they - or you - are!


Being an international business based in the UK, it is someone's working day somewhere in the world any time of the day or night - or any day of the week. We are always available to respond and pride ourselves on getting back to you quickly and fully at your convenience, not ours:

'Thank you for being so quick to get all the information together' - a school shop manager in the Middle East

'Thank you for your prompt response, especially at the weekend.' - a school head in Asia

'Thank you once again for your quick response' - a school head in America

'Can't believe you are up and working at this time of the morning!' - a school administrator in the Middle East (it was 4.30am in the UK but the working morning there!)

And we are also away visiting schools and local shops all the time; for us it is all part of the service.

'Thank you so much for the time you spent with me last week, which I really appreciated' - a school director in Europe


A major part of our service is bound up with getting the right garments for your uniform or sportswear so we send samples all over the world for 'roadtesting' by school staff, parents and pupils. We also work very hard to get the school badge looking its best on any item from the uniform list:

'The shirts arrived very quickly and look fantastic - thanks a lot' - a Head of Sports at a school in the Middle East

'My PE teacher was very impressed with the swimming costume sample sent' - a school business manager in Africa

'We are having positive feedback on the cut of the new sweatshirts - and the pupils liked the shorts and long-sleeved polo tops' - a school administrator in Europe

'The initial response is very positive. Parents liked the logos and the quality of the material' - a school principal in the Middle East

'Klara looks lovely in her new summer dress' - a school head in Europe of a child trialling a new line

'Wow! The logo looks great!' - a school shop manager in the Middle East

 'We received the printed sample sweatshirt this morning. We are very happy with the result. I would like to confirm the order' - a school administrator in Europe


Getting Up and Running
Once the trials are successfully completed and supply lines are opened, our service - either retail or wholesale - goes live:

'The school online shop looks fantastic!' - a school in the Middle East

'We have had a mad few days in the uniform shop with new children starting and our existing children growing!' - a school in Europe


Quality and Value
Once the lines are open, the real quality and value of the garments come through. It is parents who notice it first, of course, followed by the school administration which does not get complaints from parents!

'The garments are bombproof!' - a school head in Europe

'We appreciate the well made clothes!' - a parent in Europe

'We are extremely happy with the quality of the shirt we have by the way, so thanks very much!' - a parent in Europe


...and following through
Service does not end with the despatch of the garments, of course. A thousand issues can arise and we are ready to deal promptly and courteously with them all!

'Thanks again for such a prompt reply' - a parent who wanted a size not listed in the online shop; we obliged, of course.

'I realise that unfortunately I had ordered blouses that were far too big for my daughter! So I have today made a new order for smaller ones. Thank you very much for your quick and positive response' - a parent who had selected the wrong size on the online order despite having tried the garments on her child at school. We are all human, after all! We exchanged the goods without charge - of course.

'Thanks for sorting this out' - a school head after a parent had asked about special sizes - which we were able to supply, of course.

'Thank you very much, that is indeed very convenient for us' - a parent who needed particular delivery arrangements made, which we did - of course!


which parents appreciate!

Here are a few of the comments we have received from parents;

In an efficiency contest, you would be number one by far.

Thank you!!!! You have really been great!

Your kindness and support is highly appreciated!

Thank you I received the order on Tuesday, fantastic service.

Thank you so much! this is an impressive service!

We have received the order and it's fantastic.  Thank-You.

thanks very much for the excellent service!!

Thank you very much, i am so glad dealing with your company. To tell you the truth, it was hard in the beginning to accept the idea that we have to order the uniforms online, as we were used to buy them form a local vendor, but it turned out to be a piece of cake, not to forget the good quality. Thank you again.

It is a pleasure to work with someone as efficient as you are!

Thanks for extreme speed and efficiency; I wish that majority (or at least some) of the people that I work with every day had at least a part of those qualities.

Thank you so much for all your help with the shipping of the school uniform, everything arrived together as promised and we're delighted.

Thank you for your kind and ultra fast response.

You are always fast and resolute! Thank you for your kind support.

Great, that is super kind of you. I appreciate all your help!

I've received my sons uniform today and would like to thank you, very much, for quick reaction. Whatever the reasons for delay, you have more than amply made up for it: it's not only prompt and business like, but a real 'study example' of efficiency. In short, a pleasure doing business with you!

Thank you again for all your help and such wonderful customer service!

Just want to say Thanks. Great service. Don't find many businesses so helpful and efficient these days.

Thank you ever so much; this seems to be an interesting case in which my Spanish anxiety has aligned with your British efficiency like bread and butter.

We have received our order and very happy about it.  Thank you very much for your help and for resolving problems with my banks transfers .

Thank you very much for the quick handling of my order - I have received the package.

Thank you so much, your customer service is amazing!

Wow! Thanks so much for your efficient response.

And when we have done our very best to provide quality garments at competitive prices with a truly caring service, the best thank you is one school referring us to another. As one school administrator put it when we thanked them for referring us:

'No commission needed - just happy to pass on the contacts as long as their costumes don't look as good as ours!!'

Now that's the difficult bit...

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