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School uniform is essentially a British idea, though there is a separate tradition in some other countries such as Japan.  As a result within Britain and the Commonwealth especially there tends to be a proven local infrastructure for its supply. 

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But elsewhere, sourcing school uniform and sportswear can get difficult and expensive which is where we can help.


Schoolwear International is a UK based company which specialises in supplying school uniform and sportswear right across the globe.


Supplying into many territories is no problem at all.  For others issues arise such as:

  • Local import duties
  • Shipping costs
  • Security of local carriage services.


We work with our clients to ensure and secure the best supply route for you.  We have lots of experience in this area and will find the safest and most cost-effective way of getting your uniform through to you.


With clients all over the world, Schoolwear International is used to providing a 24-hour, 7 days a week service that is truly global.  Any place, any time, we can help.  Do please contact us.

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